Performer Introduction


Our Performer Introduction


香 港 鋼 琴 協 會 委 員 會  Committee

演奏家介紹 - 鄧雅心女士

鄧雅心女士 Ms Tang Nga Sum

Chairman of The Hong Kong Pianist Society
"The Excellent Music Teacher Achievement Award"
"Education Award of Nurturing Young Talents"
“The Brilliant Music Teacher”

鄧雅心老師成長自藝術世家,年幼受小提琴教師的父親薰陶,師從多位知名的鋼琴演奏家:Karina Hou、Sierra Tse、Annie Li 和蔡崇力鋼琴家等。鄧老師活躍於香港的音樂教育事業,致力培育有志鋼琴音樂之學生,當中超卓獎項及成績備受外界讚賞。





Tang Nga Sum grew up in an artistic family with the inspiration of her father, a violin teacher. She studied with many well-known pianists: Choi Sown Le, Karina Hou, Sierra Tse and Annie Li. She has participated in performances including: "Young Pianist Concert" by Municipal Council of Macauin Macau Forum, concerts of The Hong Kong Pianist Society, and "Christmas Concert 2016" by the Asia Music Association in theAuditorium of the Tsuen Wan Town Hall.

Tang Nga Sum, as one of the most successful pedagogues, is active in the music education industry in Hong Kong for years. Over 200 students under Ms. Tang guidance and support, own the qualification of FRSM or FTCL, which issued by Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music(ABRSM) and Trinity College London(TCL). Nurturing youngsters with her aspiration in piano music, Ms Tang has a great number of her students who continuously win first prizes, outstanding awards and achievements of numerous local and international music competitions or festivals; such as, Shimoda Music Competition in Japan, International Rosario Marciano Piano Competition in Austria, Chopin International Piano Competition in USA, The American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition in New York,DMZ International Music Festival in Korea. Performance standard of these young piano talents are highly appreciated by public.

Tang Nga Sum is also keen in promotion of classical music. She has organized numerous concerts and seminars, such as “Smart Kids Piano Recital”, “Sharing on MsTang Piano Teaching Strategies”, “When You Wish Upon a Star with Rose Yam”, “The Chinese Stories of Piano Rose, Yam Ka Yuk”, “Rose Yam in Music Wonderland”, “Wilson Yim Fantastic Magic Piano Recital”, “Pierce Lee Sentimental Orchestra Piano Recital”, “Addison Chan Playful Melody Piano Recital”, “Chinese Piano Talent Youth in Japan” and so on.

In 2000, Ms Tang founded “The Hong Kong Pianist Society”. As a chairman, Ms Tang was invited as interview guestof “New Culture Campaign” in RTHK, of editorials in Cosmopolitan, Hong Kong Standard, Smart Parents and other press media. Meanwhile, she wrote a series of 3 autobiographies in order to share her precious experiences. Her writings were exhibited in Hong Kong Book Fair as best-selling books. Recently, Ms. Tang published the book "Music World Horizon", by joining hands with the members of the "Hong Kong Pianist Society" and "Hong Kong International Music Culture Association". Promoting music culture through the touching stories of musicians. The book has not only been published in physical version but also uploaded to the Amazon platform into E-version.

Ms Tang Nga Sum was awarded as The Excellent Music Teacher Achievement Award, and Education Award of Nurturing Young Talents by Hong Kong Piano Music Association, Outstanding Piano Teacher Awardin Italian International Music Competition, The Excellent Music Gardener Award in Boston Junior Piano Competition. In 2014, Ms Tang was recognized and awarded with The BrilliantMusic Teacher at Carnegie Hall in New York.


Stéphanie Franke 


Stéphanie Franke is one of Vienna and Swedens brightest stars on the international scene. With all honors of Master degree and Postgraduate diploma from Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceu, Stéphanie Franke has been invited to many famous festivals and concerts around the world beyond Vienna and Sweden. She also studied at Academia Marshall, Kungliga Musikhögskolan and at Prayner Konservatorium in Vienna. 

She has been rewarded numerous prestigious scholarships, and won prizes at many international competitions around the globe, both as a soloist and chamber musician. She has performed as a soloist with different orchestras, and has done world premieres of compositions dedicated to her by contemporary composers. The latest in 2015, with a composition from V.Estapé.

Stéphanie Franke has given concerts through-out Sweden, as well as in Spain, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland and USA. She has toured extensively and performed in amazing halls like: Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Ehrbar-Saal, Konserthuset Stockholm, Berwaldhallen, Teatro de la Opera del Liceu, Palau de La Música, WMP Concert hall, etc. She is often described as unique for her great musicianship and fantastic ability to touch the listeners at their deepest emotions.


Albert Attenelle


Born in Barcelona, Albert Attenelles showing his musical talent already at an early age. He gave his first concert at the age of six. Then, great teacher Frank Marshall became responsible for his further pianistic formation, in training course of the legacy of the Catalan school of piano dating back to Joaquim Malats, Ricard Viñes and Albéniz, as well as Granados and Frank Marshall himself. He later continued his studies in Paris under the guidance of Marcel Ciampi.

His exposition as a soloist of the orchestras of Bilbao and Barcelona in 1957 as well as obtaining several international awards (Rio de Janeiro, Queen Elisabeth of Belgium, Vianna da Motta of Lisboa, etc...) have placed him in the forefront of today's pianistists of his generation.He is a soloist and interpreter of chamber music in Europe, America and Japan; as a soloist of important orchestras interpreting a great number of concerts from Bach to the contemporanies, including Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Ravel, Stravinsky, Poulenc, Saint-Saens, Prokofiev, etc., and he has been directed by Janos Sandor, Ros-Marbà, Ronald Zolmann, Walter Weller, Gary Bertini, Christopher Hogwood, etc...

Furthermore his prolonged dedication to chamber music has allowed him to cover all the trios, quartets and quintets for piano by Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, as well as other works by Dvoräk, Ravel, Shostakovich, Messiaen, Guinjoan, J.L. Turina, Casablancas, Brotons, Joaquin Turina, etc., collaborating with soloists such as Ludwig Streicher, Gonçal Comellas, Agustïn León-Ara, Michel Léthiec, Ashan Pillai and string quartets like Quartetto Stradivari, the Rafael Quartet, Lindsay Quartet, etc. 

His discography includes the concerts for piano and orchestra by Luis de Pablo, Robert Gerhard, several volumes dedicated to Deodat de Séverac (Columna Música), Joaquin Nin-Culmell (Anacrusi), Frederic Mompou (EMI), chamber music, as a member of the Trio de Barcelona, Beethoven's Triple Concerto and the Mendelssohn and Dvorák Trios (Harmonia Mundi). 

He had held professorship in the Masters program of performance at the University of A Coruña. He is professor at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona and Director of L'Escola de Música de Barcelona. He gives masterclasses in many different countries. Recently, he has been invited by Sidney University for teaching, as well as to perform several recitals in Australia, offering differents programs, including Spanish composers like Granados, Mompou, Albéniz and Falla. He has published a revised edition of the Suite Iberia of Isaac Albéniz, and he has been awarded the Albéniz Medal, bestowed by the Town Hall of Camprodon, for his contribution to the diffusion of this great composer's music.


Laurent Ferlet 


Laurent Ferlet是一位完全成熟的音樂家,他通過大師的影響和掌握來塑造他的藝術個性:Pierre Sancan,Gaby Casadesus,Jean Fassina ......他獲得了Ecole normale superieure de的最佳榮譽。巴黎音樂,鋼琴,分析,和諧。他在伯克利音樂學院(波士頓著名的音樂學院)獲得了兩年的全額獎學金。他的好奇心讓他從爵士樂和世界音樂中探索不同的劇目。多年來,這位巴黎人的誕生創作了很多獎項,電視電影,歐洲紀錄片,以及著名作品:迪斯尼,溫斯坦,高蒙等。他在最佳的類別中獲得了獎項。音樂獎獲獎作品:«故事開始»2014年電影的戈爾伯格獎Cesar:«在去學校的路上»2015年Larochelle音樂節最佳原創音樂:Bears(Grizzly)迪士尼。他的合作與偉大的導演重複,使他與商業行業深深的共謀。儘管他的作品很有效,但他始終以他的初戀 - 鋼琴而著迷並充滿激情。他和他的童年朋友Franck Ciup分享了他對四手鋼琴的熱情,他們在法國和歐洲都有這個二人組。

Pianist, Composer, arranger, Laurent Ferlet is a full accomplished musician who has build his artistic personality from the influance and the teatching of great masters : Pierre Sancan, Gaby Casadesus, Jean Fassina...He obtained the best distinctions in Ecole normale superieure de musique de Paris , Piano, Analyses, Harmony. He spent two years with a full scolarship in the Berklee School of music, the prestigious Musical institution of Boston. His curiosity brought him to explore different repertories from Jazz as well as world music. Over the years this parisian birth has composed lot of wiinning award features,TV film, documentary in Europe as in the states for famous productions : Disney, Weinstein ,Gaumont, etc. He has been rewarded at the wild screen festival in the categorie of best music award for : « The Story Begin » with woopy Goldberg Award Cesar in 2014 for the movie : « on the way to school » Best original music in Larochelle Festival 2015 for the movie : Bears (Grizzly) Disney. His collaborations repeted with great directors, brought him a deep complicity with the buisness industry. In spite of his composition works , he is always involved and passionated by his first love, the piano . He shares his passion with Franck Ciup, his childhood friend for the four hands piano and they both regulary perfom among France and Europe with this duo.

鋼琴玫瑰 - 任嘉鈺

鋼琴玫瑰 - 任嘉鈺 Yam Ka Yuk Rose


任嘉鈺7歲開始隨鄧雅心老師學習鋼琴演奏,現已考獲英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院鋼琴高級演奏文憑LTCL (Recital)。任嘉鈺曾獲頒發的獎項包括:2018年度賽馬會獎學金得主:2015日本下田國際音樂比賽 -【冠軍】;2015奧地利維也納羅薩里奧馬西卡諾國際鋼琴比賽 -【亞軍】;2015美國國際音樂天才比賽 -【冠軍】;2015美國蕭邦國際鋼琴比賽 -【榮譽獎】;2014美國國際青少年鋼琴及弦樂比賽 -【冠軍】;2013日本香港國際音樂比賽 - 【ANA航空公司獎】,並且晉身為日本大阪國際音樂比賽決賽的香港代表;2012 日本香港國際音樂比賽 -【大阪獎】;2013 韓國國際音樂節比賽 -【冠軍】;2010年【全港十大傑出學童選舉】得主;巴托克.卡巴列夫斯基.普羅哥菲夫國際鋼琴比賽 -【傑出鋼琴家大獎】;意大利伊普拉國際鋼琴大賽 - 贏得多項【傑出鋼琴家大獎】;澳門亞洲鋼琴公開比賽 - 多項【冠軍】;香港青少年鋼琴公開比賽 - 多項【冠軍】;香港學校音樂節 -【冠軍】。


除此以外,任嘉鈺亦非常活躍於各項音樂活動:2013及2012[DMZ 國際音樂節];意大利西西里島的2011及2009 [意大利伊普拉國際音樂節];以香港代表的身份晉身兩屆[日本大阪國際音樂比賽]決賽;於香港伊利沙伯體育館的[中港文化交流滙演],作為香港區代表;2014年舉辦[鋼琴玫瑰任嘉鈺:向星星許願];2013年舉辦[鋼琴玫瑰任 嘉鈺的中樂故事];2011年舉辦[任嘉鈺夢遊音樂仙境];獲香港業餘管弦樂團的〔室樂之夜〕邀作演奏嘉賓。任嘉鈺亦致力於各界傳媒推廣鋼琴文化:香港電台第五台〔新文化運動〕訪問, 並於〔文化新星道〕環節作現場演奏;商業一台〔有誰共鳴〕、香港電台普通話台〔菲常學堂〕訪問及作現場演奏;香港電台第一台〔我得你都得〕訪問及作現場演奏;無線電視台翡翠台節目〔放學ICU〕及〔文化新領域〕訪問及作現場演奏。同時,她亦已經推出了兩張鋼琴DVD專輯 :《鋼琴玫瑰任嘉鈺》及《鋼琴玫瑰任嘉鈺的中樂故事》。

Born in Hong Kong in 1998, Yam Ka Yuk began to play piano at 7. Now, she is an undergraduate student of Piano Performance in Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. After 6 year piano study with Tang Nga Sum Czerny, she obtained Diploma of Licentiate LTCL (Recital) in Piano by Trinity College London. Yam Ka Yuk is active in music events: 2011 and 2009 IBLA Music Festival held in Sicily, Italy; 2nd and 3rd Yeoncheon DMZ International Music Festival; 2011 and 2012 China Hong Kong Culture Festival as guest performer; as finalist in 2012 and 2013 Osaka International Music Competition; held solo piano recital [The Chinese Stories of Piano Rose, Yam Ka Yuk] in 2013; held personal piano recital [Rose Yam in Music Wonderland] in 2011; as a guest performer in [The Night of Chamber Music] with Hong Kong Amateur Orchestra in Hong Kong Science Museum.

Yam Ka Yuk has been invited to perform in Carnegie Hall in New York in 2014 and 2015 respectively. She has been invited by Shimoda Music Competition Committee to perform in Winnier Music Recital in Shimoda Culture Hall in Japan in 2016. In Feb 2017, she has been invited as a pianist to conduct a piano recital in Osaka, Japan, having chance to perform duet with virtuoso pianist Masahi Katayama.

Yam Ka Yuk also promotes piano music in media: interviewed by the RTHK Radio 5 with live piano performance in [Rising Star of New Culture Campaign] in 2013; interviewed by the RTHK Radio Mandarin, having live piano performance, in program [Outstanding Learning School] in 2013; interviewed by Hong Kong TVB, with live piano performance, in television program [New Culture Zone] and [ICU after School] in 2013. At the same time, Yam Ka Yuk has DVD publications:《Piano Rose, Rose Yam》 and 《The Chinese Stories by Piano Rose, Yam Ka Yuk》.


青年鋼琴家 - 湯迪超

青年鋼琴家 - 湯迪超 Dichao TANG


湯迪超生於中國廣州,由於受維也納樂派影響較深,其演奏樸實沉穩,注重音樂內容的表達,尤其擅長於巴赫、海頓、莫紮特的作品詮釋,此外對貝多芬和李斯特的作品也有較深入研究。在維也納期間曾經保持每月2場公開音樂會的穩定演出,同時在意大利、德國、捷克、瑞士、舉辦多場鋼琴獨奏會與音樂鑒賞活動,與維也納金色大廳(Musikverein)、維也納音樂廳(Wiener Konzerthaus)、Muth音樂廳(MUTH concert hall)、城堡劇院(Burgtheater)、奧丁劇院(Odeon-theater)、埃爾伯音樂廳(Ehrbar-Saal)、市政廳巴洛克廳(Barocksaal)、艾森巴赫宮(Palais Eschenbach)等數十個音樂廳和劇院有長期合作。

湯迪超先生在奧地利期間聯合創辦了“奧地利中國藝術文化交流協會”(德文全稱:Österreichisch-Chinesischer Kunst und Kulturaustauschverein) ,總部設在奧地利首都維也納,分部設於中國廣州。

近年來,湯迪超先生與歐洲多國著名音樂學院和教授聯合組織舉辦數十場頂級音樂大師班,如奧地利國立音樂學院、維也納市立音樂學院、巴赫音樂學校、莫紮特音樂學院、格拉茲音樂與表演藝術大學、瓦格納音樂學院、米蘭威爾第音樂學院、費爾莫皇家音樂學院、米蘭羅西尼音樂學院、 義大利特拉莫音樂學院、英國皇家音樂學院、列茲音樂學院、匈牙利李斯特音樂學院、德國柏林藝術學院、烏克蘭敖德薩音樂學院、波蘭華沙肖邦音樂學院等等。同時與這些專業音樂學院建立長期合作,輸送數十名國內青少年音樂人才。

2016年起,湯迪超先生被委任為義大利HSYM國際藝術文化交流協會(Italia HSYM International Art-cultural exchange association)的中國區域代表之一,協助中意兩國進行文化推廣交流、優秀人才輸送和引進。協會在音樂、美術、語言等傳統文化方面均與當地頂尖學院、團體及藝術家們合作,如米蘭威爾第音樂學院、米蘭羅西尼音樂學院,米蘭新美術學院、米蘭時裝周、威尼斯雙年展等。因此每年為眾多國內優秀學生赴義大利學習提供機會,以及引進數十場藝術大師班來到中國。


Dichao TANG, born in Guangzhou, China. Since deeply influenced by the "Viennese Classical School", his performance is simple, steady and positive, focusing on the expression of music content, especially being good at the interpretation of Bach, Haydn and Mozart's works. In addition, the works of Beethoven and Liszt are also studied in depth by him. While staying in Vienna, he maintained a steady performance of two public concerts per month, and held a number of piano concerts and music appreciation events in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland and France respectively. Meanwhile, he has long-standing cooperation with dozens of concert halls and theatres, including the Musikverein, Wiener Konzerthaus, Muth concert hall, Burgtheater, Odeon-theater Ehrbar-Saal, City Hall Barocksaal, Palais Eschenbach and so on.

During his stay in Austria, Mr. Tang co-founded the "Austrian Chinese Art and Culture Exchange Association" (Full name in German: Österreichisch-Chinesischer Kunst und Kulturaustauschverein), with its headquarter in Vienna, Austria, and branched in Guangzhou, China.

He is one of the founders and organizers of the annual Vienna Mozart International Music Competition. These competitions and activities will provide the opportunities for the young artists who are from different Chinese cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong etc., to have a more in depth study, competitions as well as friendly cultural exchanges in Europe.

The association has also hosted numerous cultural and artistic exchange activities and events for young people, among which the major ones are the Vienna Mozart Youth Piano Invitational Tournament, the Vienna Children's Choir Festival, the Austrian-Chinese Youth Orchestra Festival, the Vienna Waltz International Ball, and the Vienna Chinese New Year Concert. The association has played a significant role in maintaining friendly relations between young people between Austria and China, nevertheless, making great contributions to the advancement of music and art among the Chinese youth.

In recent years, Mr. Tang has organized dozens of top music master classes with different famous European music schools and professors, such as the Austrian National Conservatory of Music (Austria), the Vienna City Conservatory of Music (Austria), the Bach Music School (Austria), the Mozart Conservatory in Salzburg (Austria), the Graz School of Music and Performing Arts.  (Austria), Wagner Conservatory (Austria), Milan Verdi Conservatory (Italy), Royal Music School of Fermo (Italy), Milan Rossini Conservatory (Italy), Teramo Conservatory (Italy), Royal Conservatory of Music (UK), Leeds Conservatory (UK), Liszt Academy of Music (Hungary), Berlin Academy of Art (Germany), Udessa Conservatory of Music (Ukraine), Chopin Conservatory of Music in Warsaw (Poland), etc.. At the same time, he has established long-term cooperation with these professional music schools to transport dozens of Chinese young music talents.

Since 2016, Mr. Tang has been appointed as one of the regional representatives of the Italian HSYM International Art and Culture Exchange Association to assist Chinese and Italian students in cultural promotion and exchanges, talent transfer and the introduction of outstanding artists. In terms of music, fine arts, language and other traditional culture, the association cooperates with top local colleges, groups and artists, such as Milan Verdi Conservatory of Music, Milan Rossini Conservatory of Music, Milan New Academy of Fine Arts, Milan Fashion week, Venice Biennale and so on.Therefore, the association provides many outstanding Chinese students with the opportunities to study in Italy and organizes dozens of art “master classes” in China. 

As a member of the Hong Kong Piano Association, Mr. Tang is duty-bound to assist the association in the development of mainland China, especially for the enhancement of local music in Guangdong Province and cultural exchange between Guangdong and Hong Kong. In 2019, apart from setting up express channel for mainland candidates to conduct ABRSM examinations in Hong Kong, he also organizedand assisted thousands of candidates to apply for the exam successfully. At the same time, Mr. Tang has compiled the first "Traditional and Simplified Chinese" version of the ABRSM music test papers in China, and a number of ABRSM high-level auxiliary books, which led him to become one of the major figures in the ABRSM examination in China.

Mr. Tang has compiled a number of books for music examinations, as well as a series of books for studying abroad. Such as:
"Conservatory Music Theory Preparation for Special Training"(German/Italian/English version),
"Musical Terms Vocabulary Training",
"Music Scenario Dialogue (German / Italian / English)",
"ABRSM Music Theory 5 Test Paper Set (New Edition 2019, Traditional & Simplified Chinese Edition)",
"Interval, scale and Cadence special training".
At the same time, the first set of online video course of "ABRSM Music Theory 1-5 Complete Works" was published in China in 2018, which has become one of the most important courses for the popularization of domestic youth art with a semi-public nature.

演奏家介紹 - 陳澔鋑博士

陳澔鋑博士  Dr. Chan Ho Chun

中國傑出音樂家獎 Accomplished Musician of China

陳澔鋑博士於12歲起開始跟隨鄧雅心老師彈琴,短短4年內,已考獲鋼琴LTCL演奏級文憑證書,並 獲取Distincition優異的成績;93/100之分數乃是「當年度考生中最高分數」。2005年,陳澔鋑 在意大利伊普拉國際音樂比賽中獲得「傑出鋼琴家大獎」,更曾就此殊榮接受星島日報訪問 。2015年,陳澔鋑於「美國青少年國際音樂比賽」奪得第二名,更獲邀於世界四大音樂廳之 一的卡內基大廳演奏。2007年「香港回歸十周年慶典」中,陳澔鋑亦被香港政府邀請當鋼琴 表演嘉賓,更獲頒授「作育英才獎」,以表揚陳老師熱心推廣音樂文化,致力培育下一代。 陳澔鋑的學生們在香港學校音樂節比賽、英國皇家音樂學院考試、英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院 考試之中,都取得優異的成績。其後,陳澔鋑考獲安培純澳大學音樂管理博士,以及美國阿 特蘭大工商管理博士;同時,他更獲北京頒發「中國傑出音樂家獎」。

Dr. Chan Ho Chun has learnt to play piano since the age of 12. Following Tang Nga Sum, in four years’ time, Chan Ho Chun obtained the LTCL Diploma of Trinity Music College of London with a Distinction result; which was the highest mark of the year, 93/100. In 2005, Chan Ho Chun joined the IBLA International Music Competition in Italy, being awarded as Accomplished Pianist with “Outstanding Pianist Award”. He was interviewed by Sing Tao Daily for this issue. In The American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition 2015, Chan Ho Chun gained the Second Prize; and was invited to perform in Carnegie Hall in New York. In 2007, he was then invited by the Hong Kong Government as a piano guest performer in 10 th Anniversary of the Establishment Day. Also, he was awarded with “Teaching Award” as he is keen in promoting and nurturing music culture. Moreover, Chan Ho Chun was awarded PhD in Music Management, Empresarial University and Doctor of Business Administration, University of Atlanta; while he was also awarded “Accomplished Musician of China” in Beijing.

演奏家介紹 - 文嘉麒先生



文嘉麒畢業於香港中文大學,熱愛音樂,精通鋼琴、小提琴、 中提琴、大提琴、手風琴及樂理, 獲得倫敦聖三一音樂學院及皇家音樂學院的鋼琴(LTCL, ATCL)、小提琴(LTCL, ATCL, ARSM)、中提琴高級演奏文憑(LTCL),大提琴演奏文憑( ATCL)。

    文氏多次出任伴奏及參與演出,擁有超過十五年教學經驗, 更擔任香港青少年音樂公開比賽評審。此外, 文氏經常參與大師班及拜訪大師個別深造,接受鋼琴家 Dr. Angela Cholakian, Marie-Laure Muller,還有陳月紅、陳兆勳、盧嘉、馬聰、吳菡、岑健威、 但昭義(李雲迪的老師)、楊韻及,小提琴家 James Cuddedord, Karen Goymo 及大提琴家 李垂誼的指導,更在香港教學資源中心完成了合唱指揮的課程。

    文嘉麒活躍於香港的不同樂團,包括泛亞交響樂團(小提琴手、 中提琴手)、拔萃舊生室樂團(樂團首席、小提琴首席、 中提琴首席)馬勒樂團(第一小提琴手)及 SAR Philharmonic(中提琴手)。與此同時, 文氏亦經常參與錄音及演唱會,當中包括馬勒第一交響曲「巨人」 CD(小提琴現場演出及錄音)、呂珊 弦來最愛演唱會(小提琴現場演出)、危城 Call of Heroes 電影(小提琴錄音配樂)及劉浩龍 Love Me Strings(中提琴錄音配樂)。

演奏家介紹 - 張翠珊女士



張翠珊精通鋼琴及樂理,獲得英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院鋼琴高級演 奏文憑 LTCL。師從音樂專科學校副校長蘇明村博士, 中大校外課程教授裴玉樹博士,以及星級導師 Marie Laure Muller 女仕深造。張翠珊參與多場伴奏及公開演出,當中包括獲邀在尖沙咀 Peking One 作公開演奏,更多次擔任香港青少年音樂公開比賽評審委員。

張氏熱心於教學,積極投身於音樂教育事業。擁有超過二十年資深 經驗的張翠珊,曾經於全港多間教育機構,教授多元鋼琴、流行鋼琴 、器樂伴奏課程,現職中高級鋼琴課程的星級導師。

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